The project is implemented in 300 districts across 19 states of India through a network of over 1000 NGOs and CBOs and 15000 community volunteers (called Axshya Mitras). In 2015 Axshya reached 3.7 million households in vulnerable and marginalised communities and facilitated testing of over 230,000 people with symptoms of TB, resulting in diagnosis of 21,000 TB patients who were put on DOTS. The Axshya Mitras also collected and transported nearly 200,000 sputum samples in the same period.

Project Axshya has developed a strategy to link poor TB patients with social welfare schemes that can address their nutritional and economic needs – and indirectly help them adhere to treatment and achieve recovery. As a result, over 200 TB patients were linked with different government-sponsored social welfare schemes in the last half of 2015, providing them with much-needed monetary and/or nutritional support.

Highlights of what Project Axshya has achieved include

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Aug 16

Diagnosis, Treatment & Awareness – Taking the Fight against TB to over 300 Districts of India

Rakhi (23) and Sonu (28) got married in 2014 and live in Dhatauli village in Sonepat district of Haryana. They had both been diagnosed with Tuberculosis before marriage and had...
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Jul 16

Tuberculosis- A Major Health Problem- NDTV Story on Tuberculosis and Axshya Work

Project Axshya, a civil society initiative based in India, aims to provide universal access to TB treatment and care. A recent in-depth report on the Project was telecast across India...
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