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The Union draws from the best scientific evidence and expertise to advance solutions to public health challenges affecting people living in poverty:


Our partners include governments, international agencies, civil society and the private sector.

“Know. Share. Act. These principles have driven The Union’s work since its founding nearly 100 years ago.”
José Luis Castro, Executive Director, The Union

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News in Brief

20 Aug 16

Diagnosis, Treatment & Awareness – Taking the Fight against TB to over 300 Districts of India

Rakhi (23) and Sonu (28) got married in 2014 and live in Dhatauli village in Sonepat district of Haryana. They had both been diagnosed with Tuberculosis before marriage and had...

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26 Jul 16

Tuberculosis- A Major Health Problem- NDTV Story on Tuberculosis and Axshya Work

Project Axshya, a civil society initiative based in India, aims to provide universal access to TB treatment and care. A recent in-depth report on the Project was telecast across India...

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